October’s Message

The Leader’s real-life conditions status (September – October 2017) :

It’s now more than a month, my economic & medical conditions in real life is still quite difficult. As some of your member have know, i already choose an TL (Temporary Leader) to lead this clan until i fully return into the gaming online community. For now, i can only visit in both Saturday & Sunday. While the rest of the days (Monday – Friday), i can only visit for a short time in either PB2 or FB (Facebook). I have missed / delayed many important events, such as PL competition or the upcoming Republic fight tournament. Hopefully in November, which also when my age increase (i’m getting older) i would finally back fully. I make a promises & i always fullfil it. ~ Regards

(Jaya’s message on the official PR discord chat announcement – October 14, 2017)

Note : The message has been edited a bit.

PR Official Steam Group (August 2017) :

We now have an official Steam Group. Here’s the link : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PlazmaRepulbicOFFICALClan

Note : It’s still needs to being update.

~ JayaRaya ~

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