Last Memory

Memorial for the PR

PR_Art - Uzo #2
Heavenly art ~ By : Uzo



PR member’s stronghold in (July 5 – 6, 2018)



PR member’s victory on S1914 Europe Server (July 9, 2018)

Our PR discord server :

(The server never was successfully nuked! The server shall remained as history for those who remember…)

Note : I sincerely apologize for the late published of this announcement. I’ve been very busy in real-life, but promise is promise. And i have fulfil it. I will never ever forget all my old friends & members of this community. I’m going to end this with 3-4 sentences of parable ( hint) below… try to figure it out, hehe…

*Glory —> Coming Soon —> Game* 🙂

~ JayaRaya ~

June Note + PR official arts

The Leader’s real-life conditions status

Some of members & friends had known for waiting me to fully recovered, hopefully would be full online again in July. (Sorry for being not be able to attend & take part in the rivalry war with RAT at this month).

As schedule, more updates are going to be added in the site & the chat. Official arts has been published today. To know more, check the community arts sections.

Note : Real-life members arts coming soon!

PR Official Arts (End of 2017 – Beginning of 2018)


~ JayaRaya ~

5th Anniversary Celebration+ Members Tournament

PR fan art logos for the 5th anniversary celebration (Made ~ by : MrZismaster)


Fun activities during & after the celebration :

GEF, Bird, & Kate - 15 April
Roleplaying party : Guest-Electric Fish, Bird Fighter, & Kate

GEF was just too busy staring his PC all day. xD (Just kidding, his RP-ing as a captain)

Uzo = Fish Festival - 18 April
Uzo fishing some users & guest

Uzo having a fish festival. FISHY!! 😀

RIP Jaya's Rifle
Den & Uzo after Jaya died

When Jaya died due of “Lag Dimension”, his pal give an memorial to his rifle instead xD

You Dead Meat Boy - 23 April
MrZismaster with 1000000001 in acid saw map

When a person saying a very “Nice” word to his friend that just slipped to death by acid. RIP!

Dont Take A Picture - 23 April
MrZismaster & Good G (Current leader of NeB clan)

Good G Must be so shy to the camera xD

Float all day
Den & NixZ with the PR members in a saw map

An Epic Float! xD

How to be cool 2018
Jaya after falling to the acid

Jaya : How to be Cool after you died – 2018 🙂


The 1st official PR Members Tournament (April 15 – May 10, 2018)

Tournament results (April - May 2018)

Congratulation Kate for being the 1st champion of our tournament event!

Note : go check out the Tournament section for more details.

Close Combat - 15 April

When 2 participants jump & landed in the same spot. Members call it : a very CLOSE COMBAT xD

Purple Funny Drawing - 29 April

  • Azer : How was your fight ?
  • PurpleGrass : Terrible! if i wasn’t lagging because of the rain, i should have scored at least 10

When 2 boys speak in the grave after they lose the fight. RIP!

The celebration of the event was successful, everyone is having a great time. More events  in the future – coming soon! 🙂

~ JayaRaya ~


With the school exams is almost over for several members, time is ready for PR to fully active again at this year. Especially for the upcoming PR’s Origin Festival event.

It’s going to be the 1st time we celebrate the day when the PR was originally founded on April 10th, 2013 by FDGod123Killer. Until it keeps being leaded & revived by the next generation leaders, all the way until today being guided by Jaya as the current leader of PR. The event will feature several fun public matches, members competition, art gallery, and many more on PB2. Or in other PR‘s gaming colonies, such as, etc…

As well as a small celebration for PR site that has reach 20K (20.000 hits) on April 3, 2018. 🙂

Plazma Republic Art

Allies, supporters, fans, & friends are free to help and join this event. Give some positive thoughts & feedbacks to commemorate the Plazma Republic 5th anniversary.

P.S : The PR‘s history file on this site is planned to be updated this month (with more interesting old facts & infos…)

~ JayaRaya~

Exam Weeks

At this current time, there will be a lot of members & friends that is had to faced an official school exams, including myself. so nowadays, you may see the PR‘s condition of being quite stable for now, but also quite inactive. Until a further development between March & April. Also just a info, we are going to held the PR’s Origin Festival on April 10th, 2018. It is an annual event which has been considered as the next official PR events.

Last year we didn’t celebrate it due of busy ended the A.S.A hostile war, now let’s hope for the best for this event as an reminder of when the PR is originally founded.

The plans & info for the event would be discussed further at the next post. ~ Regards

~ JayaRaya ~

The Results

After more then 2 weeks, the effect of the Operation Flamewall is pretty impressive. We have successfully eradicate a large numbers of fakers. Dozens of them have register, while the rest of those who is quite stubborn have either forcefully being fired or has rage-quit. The situation for PR in both the game & it’s chat is pretty stable now. Now let’s just simply enjoyed our daily activitites, hopefully we getting improved from time to time. 🙂

P.S : The Updation program for the PR site is over for now. Also, i will continue on the PR‘s History project.

~ JayaRaya ~

Operation Flamewall

This is an operation to eradicate the increasing number of Fake members (people that claim themself to be part of PR without register), as well as maintaining back order in the PR Discord chat by a important reminder of the rules & guidances. This operation would be fully implement by the 2 available Loyalty Guardians of the PR. An experienced veteran, Lia. And a newly chosen member, San.

There are 3 important protocols of the operation :

Protocol 68

  • PR‘s chat would be moderated by one of the LG members & the rest of available staff team. Any help from allies / supporters to moderate the chat is accepted, by only the permission from the LG.
  • Any kinds of war declaration or a hostile relation towards PR would just simply being ignored. Any official members that get involved in it, would get a warning.
  • Would be a task of the LG members with all the remaining PR members to warned any sighted online fake members to register or forced them to quit.

Protocol 69

  • LG members would have to gather in a important meeting with Jaya on a created match in the PB2 multiplayer custom maps.
  • LG members are completely responsible over the daily recruitment.
  • LG members are allowed to punish or hunt down the stubborn fakers & undisciplined members in PR‘s matches across the PB2 multiplayer.

Protocol 70

  • LG members are completely responsible on maintaining back the strict order, both in the official chat or in gameplay. Use a strict force is fully granted, depending on the situation.
  • LG members are completely responsible on spreading daily guidances & advices.
  • All Non-discord members of the PR are being ordered to continue their daily fun gameplay on PB2 multiplayer, without too much pay attention over the issue in the official chat.

~ JayaRaya ~