Operation Flamewall

This is an operation to eradicate the increasing number of Fake members (people that claim themself to be part of PR without register), as well as maintaining back order in the PR Discord chat by a important reminder of the rules & guidances. This operation would be fully implement by the 2 available Loyalty Guardians of the PR. An experienced veteran, Lia. And a newly chosen member, San.

There are 3 important protocols of the operation :

Protocol 68

  • PR‘s chat would be moderated by one of the LG members & the rest of available staff team. Any help from allies / supporters to moderate the chat is accepted, by only the permission from the LG.
  • Any kinds of war declaration or a hostile relation towards PR would just simply being ignored. Any official members that get involved in it, would get a warning.
  • Would be a task of the LG members with all the remaining PR members to warned any sighted online fake members to register or forced them to quit.

Protocol 69

  • LG members would have to gather in a important meeting with Jaya on a created match in the PB2 multiplayer custom maps.
  • LG members are completely responsible over the daily recruitment.
  • LG members are allowed to punish or hunt down the stubborn fakers & undisciplined members in PR‘s matches across the PB2 multiplayer.

Protocol 70

  • LG members are completely responsible on maintaining back the strict order, both in the official chat or in gameplay. Use a strict force is fully granted, depending on the situation.
  • LG members are completely responsible on spreading daily guidances & advices.
  • All Non-discord members of the PR are being ordered to continue their daily fun gameplay on PB2 multiplayer, without too much pay attention over the issue in the official chat.

~ JayaRaya ~

New Journey

2016 was the beginning of it. The revival of the old PB2R & turned it into a friend’s group. When we still a small group (team), only consist a couple of loyal friends, active secretly & unnoticed by many. 2017 was a good year, it’s when we turned into an fully – active organization, which was known as the PBDR, consist of both PRG – clan & the PA. At that time, we busy on making maps, scouting on illegal servers, hunting down the rule-breakers, held a certain special events, hostile wars, etc…

  • Plazma Republic best fan-arts of 2017 :


  • Plazma Republic photo memories from July – December 2017 :


List of achievements :

  • Reach more then 10.000 hits on the official website.
  • Reach more then 100 + registered members.
  • Popularity raise in both PB2 & in google.
  • Receive a couple of trusted & good friends, allies, or supporters.
  • Many other small things…

And at the end of 2017, the organization has officially turned into a full-wide gaming community known as the Plazma Republic. Now is 2018. Happy new year, as also to commemorate 2 years the day when PR was reborn by Jaya on 2016. Hope for a better future for this community. 🙂

Note : The PR’s Updation program is still underway & will end on the end of January.

~ JayaRaya ~