New Journey

2016 was the beginning of it. The revival of the old PB2R & turned it into a friend’s group. When we still a small group (team), only consist a couple of loyal friends, active secretly & unnoticed by many. 2017 was a good year, it’s when we turned into an fully – active organization, which was known as the PBDR, consist of both PRG – clan & the PA. At that time, we busy on making maps, scouting on illegal servers, hunting down the rule-breakers, held a certain special events, hostile wars, etc…

  • Plazma Republic best fan-arts of 2017 :


  • Plazma Republic photo memories from July – December 2017 :


List of achievements :

  • Reach more then 10.000 hits on the official website.
  • Reach more then 100 + registered members.
  • Popularity raise in both PB2 & in google.
  • Receive a couple of trusted & good friends, allies, or supporters.
  • Many other small things…

And at the end of 2017, the organization has officially turned into a full-wide gaming community known as the Plazma Republic. Now is 2018. Happy new year, as also to commemorate 2 years the day when PR was reborn by Jaya on 2016. Hope for a better future for this community. 🙂

Note : The PR’s Updation program is still underway & will end on the end of January.

~ JayaRaya ~

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