5th Anniversary Celebration+ Members Tournament

PR fan art logos for the 5th anniversary celebration (Made ~ by : MrZismaster)


Fun activities during & after the celebration :

GEF, Bird, & Kate - 15 April
Roleplaying party : Guest-Electric Fish, Bird Fighter, & Kate

GEF was just too busy staring his PC all day. xD (Just kidding, his RP-ing as a captain)

Uzo = Fish Festival - 18 April
Uzo fishing some users & guest

Uzo having a fish festival. FISHY!! 😀

RIP Jaya's Rifle
Den & Uzo after Jaya died

When Jaya died due of “Lag Dimension”, his pal give an memorial to his rifle instead xD

You Dead Meat Boy - 23 April
MrZismaster with 1000000001 in acid saw map

When a person saying a very “Nice” word to his friend that just slipped to death by acid. RIP!

Dont Take A Picture - 23 April
MrZismaster & Good G (Current leader of NeB clan)

Good G Must be so shy to the camera xD

Float all day
Den & NixZ with the PR members in a saw map

An Epic Float! xD

How to be cool 2018
Jaya after falling to the acid

Jaya : How to be Cool after you died – 2018 🙂


The 1st official PR Members Tournament (April 15 – May 10, 2018)

Tournament results (April - May 2018)

Congratulation Kate for being the 1st champion of our tournament event!

Note : go check out the Tournament section for more details. https://pb2republic.wordpress.com/community-info/pr-tournament-event/

Close Combat - 15 April

When 2 participants jump & landed in the same spot. Members call it : a very CLOSE COMBAT xD

Purple Funny Drawing - 29 April

  • Azer : How was your fight ?
  • PurpleGrass : Terrible! if i wasn’t lagging because of the rain, i should have scored at least 10

When 2 boys speak in the grave after they lose the fight. RIP!

The celebration of the event was successful, everyone is having a great time. More events  in the future – coming soon! 🙂

~ JayaRaya ~