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Plazma Republic [PR] is a gaming community that is originated from a 2D side-scrolling shooter multiplayer flash game known as Plazma Burst 2. Its daily activities of spreading kindness & respect for the rights of players to simply have fun, under the guidance & enforcement of the official game rules. We followed a strict honor code that affirmed to the values of the PR.

PR was founded originally as a military clan to ensure peace & security in PB2 multiplayer at 2013. Until been disbanded due of long inactivity & can’t maintain the clan’s survivability during the clan-wars on 2014 – 2015. The clan then being officially revived on 2016. Until the end of 2017, it change into become a full-wide gaming community. As the PR have expand towards many other multiplayer (online) games.

As the PR expand its gaming colonies and its popularity grown from time to time, PR had a mission of being responsible for guiding the players to have a respectful behaviour, mature, and not swear / curse.