Plazma Republic official rules [+]

  • Read & follow all the official game rules & the PR Code of Honor.
  • Obey the laws & follow the daily guidance of the wise leader.
  • Trust any given decisions from the leader or any advice’s from other members / people.
  • Respect, be nice, & simply have fun with other people in the gaming community.
  • Stay away from any personal problems with Ragers, Hackers, Trollers, Bullies, Rude & Abusive peoples, or any kinds of Bad peoples. Just simply ignore it & try best to advice others.
  • Help, guide, & protect any good people in the game to simply have fun & follow the game rules.
  • Try best to prevent the good people from getting involved in a Racist, Sexuality, Insulting, or any other illegal & inappropriate activity.
  • Report to the leader if there’s a player that wants to join the PR.

Write a appropriate comment. Any bad, dirty, & rude words will be censored, modified, or be deleted.

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