PR Guide

The contents of the Plazma Republic Guide (By ~ Jaya) :

“Never ever generalised! Every single person is potentially a good person.”

“Always respect and do good to people even if they harm you.”

“The path of goodness (truth) is always difficult / hard. But in the end, will have many rewards & very valuable benefits. The path of evil (bad) is always easy. But in the end, it will only cause nothing but problems & eternal regret.”

“Our biggest enemy is ourself. Because every human has a potential to do either good or bad things. When a person doing bad things, it will only causes nothing but eternal hate & destruction to himself & other people.”

“Always repent and rectify any mistakes that you have been done.”

“Read, learn, acknowledge, follow, and try to understand any given advice / useful knowledge from others. Always advise the mistakes of others.”

“Learn to be patience and always grateful. It will makes you immune towards any pointless mere insults, as well as impacted your life positively.”

“If you were harsh hearted, people would have fled (avoid) from around you.”

“Fire burns & destroy everything arround it. Same thing as anger, it destroys the good relationship / friendship amongst the people.”

“Never insult or say any swearing words to other people. Even if that person is bad towards you, or even is simply just a joke.”

The contents of the Plazma Republic Guide (By ~ Nopal) :

1. Plazma Republic forever trustworthy

2. Plazma Republic is a devotee

3. Plazma Republic is ready to help and obliged

4. Plazma Republic loves peace and brotherhood

5. Plazma Republic understands customs and customs officers

6. Plazma Republic is merciful to all beings

7. Plazma Republic runs the command without denying it

8. Plazma Republic is patient and forgiving

9. Plazma Republic is thorough and efficient

10. Plazma Republic is pure in heart, mind, words and deeds