Hostile fight

Battle mission records of the Plazma Alliance against a threat from a bad enemy clans / groups of the PB2 community.

The Plazma Alliance – A.S.A War

– Type :    Hostile Fight

– Date :    April 7 – 11, 2017 (4 days)

– Belligerents  :


– Result :

  • A decisive victory at the battles for clans of the Plazma Alliance.
  • A peace agreement between A.S.A & the PR, represent the whole clans in the Plazma Alliance.
  • A disbandment of the Xenocide clan.
  • A transformation of the Anti – PR movement into became MoA (Ministry of Anarchy) clan in few weeks later.

– Victory battle records :

Plazma Alliance <  20  > A.S.A

A raid towards A.S.A clan base match (April 8, 2017)

===== Part of the Plazma Alliance – A.S.A War =====

mustyyeti (A.S.A first lieutenant soldier) make a match called ” A.S.A base “ with a paul308-base. The activities in the match has been on for almost half an hour, & some of the PR members launch an attack to stop it. Until some 2-3 guests came & begun to teaming up & fight together to kill any users in the match.

Because of the attack, dozens of guests – users leave the match. Leaving the A.S.A member alone in his match. Thats when the 2nd attack being launched and has successfully won the battle.

First victory for the PR, represent the Plazma Alliance in a war against A.S.A clan & its allies. In this mission, we really should appreciate the guests that come to raid the base match.

Assault towards A.S.A & its allied, Xenocide members match (April 10, 2017)

==== Part of the Plazma Alliance – A.S.A War =====

steliosDO (Leader of A.S.A) make a match called ” asa helps xenocide “ with a A.S.A base map, steliosdo-steliosdo-base. Its a one of the attempts to gained supports & make the Xenocide clan to become an allied with the A.S.A clan. In few minutes, the match got spotted & few members from the clans in the Plazma Alliance with its supporters immediately attack the base match. Forcing the enemy members to retreat & leave the match one by one, which makes their base match successfully been taken down.

Second & the last official victory for the Plazma Alliance in a war againts A.S.A clan & its allies. Since that, steliosDO agreed on the peace agreement that Jaya propose. As the result, A.S.A clan agreed to be a allied with the PR & apologized to the whole clans in the Plazma Alliance.