LEA rank system

LEA stands for ” Law Enforcement Agency “, consider as the security civil guards of the Plazma Republic. Members of the LEA are responsible for the enforcement of the official game rules in the gaming community, also provide the good players an enjoyable playing experience’s, carry out an investigation, & perform a mission to hunt down a wanted players.

– Notes :

  • LEA is the Only rank for the PR members to Not put the clan tag. The pulpose’s is for the members of LEA can involved with many players easily.
  • LEA members have the authority to punish a bad & wanted rule-breakers.
  • LEA members are Not allowed to Multi-clanning or creating a Neo-clan.
  • The promotions / demotions of the ranks is based on the loyalty, behaviour, & spirit of a member based on the PR Rules.

– Ranks of the LEA :

  • Chief Commissioner (Elite)

The Principle (Main Boss) of the LEA. Responsible to lead any security activities in the gaming community. Only 1 member can have this rank title.

  • Deputy (High)

The experienced enforcement officers of the LEA. Only about 4 members can have this rank title.

  • Agent (Basic)

The law enforcement senior officers of the LEA. Only about 7 – 8 members can have this rank title.

  • Constable (Low)

The main security members of the LEA.

  • Trainee (Low)

The basic new recruits of the LEA.