October’s Message

The Leader’s real-life conditions status (September – October 2017) :

It’s now more than a month, my economic & medical conditions in real life is still quite difficult. As some of your member have know, i already choose an TL (Temporary Leader) to lead this clan until i fully return into the gaming online community. For now, i can only visit in both Saturday & Sunday. While the rest of the days (Monday – Friday), i can only visit for a short time in either PB2 or FB (Facebook). I have missed / delayed many important events, such as PL competition or the upcoming Republic fight tournament. Hopefully in November, which also when my age increase (i’m getting older) i would finally back fully. I make a promises & i always fullfil it. ~ Regards

(Jaya’s message on the official PR discord chat announcement – October 14, 2017)

Note : The message has been edited a bit.

PR Official Steam Group (August 2017) :

We now have an official Steam Group. Here’s the link :¬†http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PlazmaRepulbicOFFICALClan

Note : It’s still needs to being update.

~ JayaRaya ~

Recent activities in PB2 (Successful Birth Respect event)

Plazma Burst 2 : Power League [PL] official tournament event (August 22, 2017)

PCL (Plazma Competition Legion) is now known as the Power League & is officially endorsed by PB2 meaning it’s an official PB2 event. Is a rebooted version of PCL, the PB2 staff team have decided to redo the whole system & made it much more organised, challenging & fair than what it used to be.


Note : The registration to participate for the event has officially closed. The event may have started after the team signups ended on September 7, 2017.

Plazma Republic fun relations towards certain clans

NeB Fun

Description : PR members together with NeB members & other players in the old rangers training facility map.

BSN Fun - Sept 1, 2017

Description : PR members having a nice activity together with the current leader of Bastion [BSN] clan & other players in the official PR recruitment map.

WMA Fun - Sept 1, 2017

Description : Jaya (PR) & Ralfix (SRA) playing sniper together with Coolcat, the current leader of WMA clan.

Birth Respect event (September 2 – 6, 2017)

Basically it’s a small party event to celebrates an Birthday (B-day) of 3 of the most highly-respected people by the Plazma Republic.

  • Noune’s B-day (Sept 2, 2017) : Respected as the founder of NIR alliances community.
  • Indigo’s B-day (Sept 3, 2017) : Respected as the great leader of IIA clan.
  • Neptunia’s B-day (Sept 4, 2017) : Respected as a well known trusted supporter of the Plazma Republic & a good PB2 mapmaker.

The event consist of a “congratulations” gift photos, Roleplay (RP) party, an killing competition records, etc.

Noune’s Celebrations



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= Map ID : noune-ktsc

= Type : killing competition records (Up to 25 kills)

= participants :

  • Civil security lite 12054 [— Winner —]
  • Mokaal
  • Android1234
  • Creeper NINJA 234
  • Kira Lern Jergi

Indigo’s Gift

Indigo's B-day (Sept 5)

= Map ID : agentindigo-soldiers

= Type : killing competition records (Up to 100 kills)

= participants :

> Plazma Republic

  • JayaRaya [— Winner —]
  • Android1234
  • Creeper NINJA 234

> IIA (Indigonean Imperial Army)

  • Agent Indigo
  • Anna_Snipe
  • Mihaiionutcristi

> SRA (Special Ranger$ Army)

  • Ralfix
  • Mr.Masty

> Other players

  • Xx-Den4ikKiller-xX
  • Iona

Nep’s Party



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= Map ID : jeff the hacker-battleship2

= Type : RP party. Hide & Seek games

= participants :

  • JayaRaya
  • Lia_X_Gaming
  • Mokaal
  • Creeper NINJA 234
  • Android1234
  • Jeff the hacker
  • StelliosDO
  • Civil security lite 12054
  • Neptunia
  • Guest-electric fish
  • With many Guests & other Users

= Map ID : neptunepurpleheart-heroes

= Type : Fun fight

= participants :

  • Neptunia
  • Lia_X_Gaming
  • Civil security lite 12054
  • Creeper NINJA 234
  • Mokaal
  • Guest-electric fish

Overall, the event was very successful. All the people that participate in the event has gained a great fun time ūüôā

~ JayaRaya ~

Plazma Republic Expansions

R.A.T vs PR friendly / rivaly competition war at PB2 (July 4 – 8, 2017)

A declaration of a competition war by R.A.T (Recon Assault Team) against PR (Plazma Republic) on July 3, 2017. An challenge by Greystripe – The main commander of RPA (Recon Placement Academy), an military branch of the R.A.T clan.


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Despite the PR – GMF members best struggles, the war has officially ended with the R.A.T being the absolute winner of many challenging battles. But nevertheless, PR still active as ever. With more members joining in & received many hits in its official site.

P.S : Congratulations to R.A.T, good game guys ūüôā

Plazma Burst official discord server (July 5, 2017)

The PB2 staff team have decided to trial an discord server for the PB2 community.


The PR’s Popularity on MooMoo.Io

“The more active you are, the more people known you”

Certain members of the PR have recently being active at this game. One of our best examples happens on around August 5-6, 2017. When we almost completely take over one of the Singaporean servers with many other random players decided to join & support the “Plazma Tribe”, to which some small of them visited the PR site (maybe even the games that the PR play, including PB2).

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Roblox – The PR’s new colony target

It once an idea by goin nuts, a PR member on around February – March. Now it has been fully implemented by certain members of the PR.

The PR may looking forward for more friendly competition & other multiplayer games that are going to be played. It’s part of our transformation & expansion stages. ~ Regards

~ JayaRaya ~

Gallery of Memories

Currently, the Plazma Republic has been existed for about 1 and a half an year. We have experienced many events & changes from time to time. From this July, PBDR organization system would be step by step being transformed completely, into something entirely new, bigger, & much more organized community.

List of available members photos that has been stored in the photo gallery as part of the Plazma Republic memories from January – June 2017.


Note : To see it more clearly, go to ” Photo Gallery “.

~ JayaRaya ~

The Return

We shall began our daily clan activities as usual. Try best to re-establish order & ways of the true Plazma Republic in the community. With an improved ranking system & more level maps to be used in the multiplayer. As well as an future expansion towards other multiplayer games.



Upcoming plans & future events that would be upheld :

  • Confirmation of the members current rank’s

With an improved ranking system, any active clan members must clarify their own current ranks, to makes things easy for the members list updation.

  • Our main official clan tags

A decision has been made that the members of GMF (Guardian Military Forces) must only use either [Plazma Republic] or [PR] tag on their username. Any members that hasn’t done this until the next week, would not be known as part of the clan.

(Dont worry for the LEA members, still as same as ever)

  • Community Aid Program (AIP)


Basically it’s another plan that the NIR held to try best at helping the community, just like the KTSC event last year. And we shall taken part of it. Further information’s would be added later on.

Late news

Over total 90 official members of the Plazma Republic (Either that is still active & those that have retired or quit) has been added in our 1st official multiplayer bossfight map.¬† Once’s its fully finished, everyone may allow to play & enjoy it.

At the beginning of June, our official site has got up to over 10.000 hits (views at the blog stats). It’s a small celebration, but indicates that our site is growing rapidly. Thank you guys ūüôā

~ JayaRaya ~

History Project

We are proud to say that after almost 2 weeks, our official History File about the PR is done enough to be revealed to the public. We also have plans to tell a good story of an old clans or many other big events on PB2 multiplayer in the past, we just need help by collecting more info & facts about it. It’s gotta be a big project.

All thanks to the so-called ” Eagle’s Group “, a couple of trusted friends that have help collecting & learning the history.

It would be appreciated to read & learn the history that we have collected so far.

~ JayaRaya ~

Situation Events

– Plazma Burst 2 game : (On March 26 – 30, 2017) –

After the shocking events of the ” Inappropriate matches spamm “ that becomes a big issued for the Plazma Republic & most of the players in the PB2 community, a post has been made in the PB2 official forum. About a solution to the problem. On March 29, the PB2 Staff Team has agreed to solve it by create an ” automatic match censoring system “.

http://prntscr.com/etw4kj   &   http://prntscr.com/etw4s3

Go visit the its post at the PB2 official forum :


– Re-establishment of the Plazma Alliance : (Since’s March 5, 2017) –

This is a program that has to be done for the alliance. Because nowadays, some of the clans of the alliances are either have been lack of activity, doesn’t know fully the meaning of the alliance vision goals, or completely ignore it. So for few days / weeks, clans of the alliances gotta be informed & asked again about the participation in the Plazma Alliance. As well as cooperation between the clans is going to be increase.


– A ” Bad Clan Fight war ” situation : (Since’s March 29, 2017) –

Caesar Legion :

A confirmed war between some of the clans in the CL against DC (Dark Clan) led by Paulstin. It has being declare on April 1, 2017. The current status of the war is unknown, considering the DC has been a bit inactive.

The Plazma Alliance :

A confirmed war between some of the clans in the PA against the A.S.A clan led by steliosDO & its allies. It has being declare on April 7, 2017.

The war is eventually ended with 2 victory battles for the Republic Alliances & a peace agreement on April 11, 2017. Later on the next day, A.S.A clan get disbanded. SteliosDO has decided to joined & served as the supreme general of T.E.O.A (The Empire Of Android), one of the PR Neo Clans.

– Plazma Republic 2nd Vice Leader : (On April¬†8, 2017) –

In the laws of the HLC (High Leadership Command), 2 VL members are needed to help maintain the clan, in-case if one of them too busy. Based on the previous vote results of the VL election, i declare that Dr Hell would be the 2nd Vice Leader of the Plazma Republic. To replaces the retired Demise.

~ JayaRaya ~

The 1st elected Vice Leader of the Plazma Republic

1st day of the election campaign (March 21, 2017)

E. 1st Day . A

E. 1st Day . B.png

E. 1st Day . C.png

E. 1st Day . D.png

http://prntscr.com/empatq  http://prntscr.com/empazm  http://prntscr.com/empbai  http://prntscr.com/empbly

2nd day of the election campaign (March 22, 2017)

E. 2nd Day . A

E. 2nd Day . B

http://prntscr.com/en43sc  http://prntscr.com/en4500  http://prntscr.com/en45ai  http://prntscr.com/en45qt

The last day of the election campaign (March 23, 2017)

E. 3rd Day . A.png

http://prntscr.com/enjwq2  http://prntscr.com/enjwz9  http://prntscr.com/enjxcd  http://prntscr.com/enjxii

The Final Result :

  • Dr Hell (A.1) : 11 Votes
  • rocketlauncher ” Demise¬†” (B.2) : 18 Votes
  • Naren (C.3) : 4 Votes

Total Votes : 33

Although not all the PR members have sent their votes¬†for the election, but it was a successful event. With the final result, then it has been decided. That the 1st official Vice Leader of the Plazma Republic is rocketlauncher ” Demise “. Congratulations!

Thanks to every PR members that have joined our first official election. Now you got a big responsibility for our organization, rocketlauncher.

In other news, the official result of GSA gamenight event has finally being published. With Jeepdino being the champion winner of the event.

GSA Gamenight¬†(February ‚Äď March 2017)



~ JayaRaya ~

Election Campaign – Plazma Republic 1st Vice Leader

The moment is almost come, for our first official election. To choose a¬†Vice Leader of the Plazma Republic. At first, we would held the election day on Saturday – March 18, 2017. But due the ” Unpreparedness “ of the voting system for most of the PR members, i¬†have decided to change the¬†schedule. As the result, the official election day will be held for 3 days on Tuesday¬†– March 21, 2017¬†until Thursday – March 23, 2017. The voting result would be announced on Friday – March 24, 2017.

Also because the lack of activity for almost 2 weeks, ” Guardian Commander. Ade IG “ would no longer can take a part as a candidates of the election.¬†Because of this, its best for now to choose just one elected Vice Leader for the PR.

The official candidates that have the potential to become the first ”¬†Vice Leader of the Plazma Republic ” :

  • (A.1) Guardian Commander. Dr Hell
  • (B.2) Guardian Commander. rocketlaunchers ” Demise “
  • (C.3) Guardian Commander. NAREN111

Each candidates that have been chosen wisely, has a time about few days. To show their abilities & loyalty to fulfill the requirements to become the first Vice Leader of the PR. http://prntscr.com/eiwner (The old VL requirements)

Also gained supports wisely from many members of the PR.

Election system :

– For any active PR members in the official discord chat :

  • Send a¬†vote in the election special channel. (When it’s finally being officially opened for the members…)

– For ” Non – discord ” PR members :


~ JayaRaya ~

Successful #KTSC Event

¬†Hi there everyone, this is a post about our participation’s in the #KTSC Event.

1. #KTSC PR Test — February 10, 2017 —
As our planned, we made our first ” Test “ match for the #KTSC event at 707-swords map, and it went very good. We estimate the number of peoples that have join in, is about 34 – 47 players (Guests & Users). The match lasted for about almost 2 hours.

http://prntscr.com/e6zj9z http://prntscr.com/e7092d http://prntscr.com/e70k31

At that time, we haven’t fully focus on counting the number of players that joined, so we just estimate the total numbers.

2. #KTSC Plazma Republic Fun — February 17, 2017 —
We have agreed to help, so we made the second & a official #KTSC event match at the same 707-swords map. This time, it went successful. We have count the number of peoples that have join in, is about 105 players (Guests & Users). The match lasted for a long 3 hours, that’s so cool !

http://prntscr.com/e9wpm6 http://prntscr.com/e9x3iu http://prntscr.com/e9xga0

Also this time, we do the counting very accurately.

In total, NIR has earned about 320$. So this event is completely successful, hope this event gotta happen again someday in the future.
Thanks to people’s at NIR, GSA Members, PR Members, & all of the PB2 players that have volunteer to help for the donations.


In other news, after almost a month, HH (Hell Hounds) clan that still being led by ghost gang has been declare back as part of the ” Plazma Alliance “. Hopefully at March, the new “Improved” rank system would be fully done, also the election for our first 2 Co.Leaders of the Plazma Republic can begun.

~ JayaRaya ~