Plans for February and so On…

Due the quite a high popularity, we might need to run some certain plans for the greater causes of PBDR. Such as :

* Need to recruit more ” PRO “ players for Plazma Republic*

Reasons : We already have many newbies & standard players in this clan, but we dont have enough PRO’s to make things stable for us. ~ An idea from Dr Hell

* Need for each certain members try best to make a maps for both PR & all the public players *

Reasons : The more awesome maps we have that been played by players, the more peoples would know more about PBDR organization, and hopefully gaining more supports. ~ An idea from FRF-Cosmic (Galaxy)

* Need to unite more good potential PB2 clans into the “Plazma Alliance” *

Reasons : Its one of the best solutions to increase every good PB2 clans to maintain the orders at the Multiplayer & avoid any possible “Clan – Dramas”. ~ An idea from JayaRaya

* Need to elect the Co-Leader’s for Plazma Republic*

Reasons : I have been asked about this many times over, especially from H2OGaming & other old members of PR. I might made a new post for the Co-Leader’s elections of PR some day in this month. ~ Idea from H2OGaming & others that wants to be a Co.Leader

* Need to recruit more ” Female “ players for Plazma Republic – clan *

Reasons : Just to make things stable. Also to make more girls at PB2 to avoid anymore possible illegal S*x matches. Just to remember, recruit those that wants to loyal & royal to the PR cause’s. ~ An idea from Lia_X_Gaming

Also for this February, we may hopefully joined a “Special Event’s”, such as :

  • Clan – Tournament :

Is just a simple friendly fun competitions between each PB2 clans. ” Who’s gotta be the best clan that can win all kinds of fun challenges “. I still haven’t decided yet for PR to fully joined the competition’s like PCL (Plazma Competition Legion) or PWL (Plazma World League) cause of some reasons, but we better be prepared.

Note : Remember, is just for “Fun & Fame”

  • “Kill To Stop Cancer” [NIR] Project :

Its a big project made by Noune (Founder of SRC) & guest-electric fish (Founder of JOG) in the“New Imperial Region (NIR)”. Basically its a useful project for any PB2 players to become volunteer & joined in “Project Event Match’s”, so it can make the PB2 community get involved in donating to a good cause, which is a fight against “Lung Cancer” at real life & to have fun at the game. The event will be fully happen at around February 16 or 17, 2017.

Note :

– Every time the players join the ” Project Event Matches “ & enjoy it for a certain times, it gives the PB2 community a donations to help.

– To join an ” Project Event Matches “, just simply go to a mature & appropriate match that has the code name #KTSC. Then Basically have fun in it for a certain times.

– This project is one of the great events of PB2 community. Because its actually helping peoples at “Real Life” to survived their cancer diseases, by actually using a ” Real Money “ from the community. Any PB2 players that wants to help, just simply join the ” Project Event Matches “.

To know more, visit : &

  • GSA Community Game Night :

Is just a friendly fun killing record competitions, introduce by Galactic Security Army (GSA) clan. The goal is to bring fun together for any players in the PB2 community. I actually have visit some of its matches, its totally epic & a fun good game to be joined.

Note :  This event has happen before, since’s January. So hopefully we still can enjoy the rest, before its finished.

~ JayaRaya ~

Events in early January

Hello there. Ever since’s the organization have been fully opened to the public, we have experiences of many events. Some of it are good, some are bad. Such as :

– Plazma Burst 2 game : (On January 8-9, 2017) –

The enemy list & hated list has been deleted by the PB2 Staff. Because the system has being abused completely. And for most players, the feature would just spread hatred & uncomfortable feelings between each players.

– PB2 Multiplayer : (Sinces January 1, 2017) –

The servers just keep crashed & crashed again for some unknown reasons, some say its due the lags or the ddos. Also illegal matches keep increasing from time to time. Like S*x, hatred towards guests – users, & inappropriate matches keep been made by some players that either, “Don’t know anything about PB2 Laws” or even “Ignore & keep breaking the laws”.

– Plazma Alliance : (On January 11, 2017) –

More small PB2 clans have either join in or just be allied with the Republic. Althought HH (HellHounds) clan under the leadership of “Almighty” ghost gang has no choices but being banned & no longer being admit as part of the Plazma Alliance. Due of many attempts to disobey the PB2 Laws, Dis-respect to good users – guests, & dare to make a Anti-Republic matches with some other inappropriate matches. I got to admit, that many of HH members are still helpful to maintain PB2 laws respectfully. So i’m not blaming all HH members, is just the fact that their leader “Almighty” ghost gang doesn’t like to follow any rules & lots of insulting to other players. But i still respect him as a fellow PB2 player & a friend.

– PR Members Inactivity : (Sinces January 11, 2017) –

Well because most PR members are busy at real life. Due of school learning or other busy things, then this policy needs to be follow by all PR members during workday (Non-Holidays).

– PB2 Republic : (On January 9-10, 2017) –

The result of the votes, between Republic Guardian lead by Jaya & Republic Clan lead by Zealot have decided on an agreement to merge both the republic government’s to become one powerful PB2 Republic. Its an attempt to reunite more clans, become more active at PB2 community, & do best to prevent anymore potential hostile threat.

– PBDR Site: (January 13-14, 2017) –

Since’s this organizations have been active at PB2 community, I planned for more updates & improvements in the site. Also its been grateful that the site has grown its popularity. More views & visitors, even its only January. So thanks anyone that have made this site & the chat become very active.

~ JayaRaya ~


Hi there everyone. It’s me (Jaya), current leader of PBDR organization. So far, this republic clan – alliances has been active since the very first January of 2016, a year ago. Now im very grateful to the hard work & many supports from my friends, that the PBDR organization is still active today. Now this year of 2017, I have begun the very first post of this site & the PBDR has officially fully opened to the public & the PB2 community.


> Wanna serve & protect the PR ? go register!

> Would your clan be reunited ? Go fill out the alliances form & your clan can become part of the Plazma Alliance

Note: Celebration for the new year. Hope for the best in 2017. 🙂

~ JayaRaya ~