5. Account and Information

• Your account information, especially the password, should NEVER be shared with anybody else; site staff will never need or ask for your password.

• Please do not share accounts, they are operated under a one-human to one-account basis.
– Sharing an account with another player will result in the termination of the shared account.

• If you receive another player’s account information, it is against the rules to log into it. Report the player to a member of site staff, or use the button on their profiles.

• Do not share others’ personal information publicly or privately. This includes:
– Phone numbers
– Real names
– Addresses
– Images or photos
– Links to social network/media profiles
We do not recommend sharing your own personal information (such as social media links), however it is not prohibited.

• You as the account owner are liable for anything that goes on with your account, or in connection to any IP networks your account is part of.
– Avoid using proxy connections to access PB2 as this may put you at risk of joining an IP network containing banned IP addresses.
– You are responsible for any other players known to be using the same connection as you, ensure they are respectful, ethical, and abide by the Plazma Burst 2 Code of Conduct.

• Your site login, chosen nickname, and any profile field such as ‘Location’ must be appropriate.
Logins, nicknames, or profile fields must not contain any of the following:
– Swearing
– Racial slurs
– Sexual references
– Insults or threats
Profiles containing inappropriate content may be disabled permanently without warning.

• Please do not impersonate other players or site staff.