2. Chat Rules

• Purposefully creating a hostile environment, intentionally engineering a situation to waste the time of staff, or creation of unnecessary drama will result in a suspension. It wastes the time of the staff, and achieves nothing.

• Respect all other chat users including site staff.

– Cursing/Swearing is not prohibited, but we ask you to be mindful of your language.
– Do not curse/swear excessively.
– All cursing or swearing directed towards another member of the community, or a group within the community, is outright banned.

• Do not discuss prohibited, offensive, or inappropriate topics.

• All sent messages should be meaningful, constructive, or reflective of the current topic or chatroom mood.

– Do not spam (sending useless or meaningless messages)
– Do not flood (spreading multiple useless messages over a series of [3+] lines with the intent to disrupt chat)
– Avoid overusing capitals (NO ALL CAPS).

• Any topics discussed in the main chat must be appropriate for all chat users. Discussion of history and politics is allowed, however avoid aspects that may cause offense to those in the chat-room.

– Religious topics are forbidden outright.
– Topics about previous or current bans or issues must be discussed in private messages.

• Private channels and private messages can be used to discuss topics usually prohibited in public, such as cursing, extreme religious/political topics, etc.

– Topics of aforesaid nature must not affect public parties whatsoever.
– Do not invite people to channels where inappropriate discussions are being held without their prior agreement.
– Do not private message players potentially inappropriate/offensive content without their prior agreement.

• Do not impersonate other players or staff members

• Do not trick users into clicking links through fake private messages or misuse of the URL tool.

– Please keep link length to a minimum, use the URL tool to shorten links.
– Do not use link shorteners such as Tiny-url/Shadyurl to mask links.

• Please use only English when chatting in Plazma Burst 2 Site Chat. Other languages are permitted in private messages, and personal channels.

• /me commands should not be abused or inappropriate.

• Do not abuse Karma.

– Don’t beg for karma points. If you beg for karma, staff members or other players may lower your points by 1.

• The exclude option can be used to remove any person you feel is being disruptive.

– Do not spam exclude requests if the first vote fails.