3. Forum

• Respect all other forum users including site staff.

• Do not make off-topic posts. Any reply that does not fit the subject of the topic is not permitted. If you want to chat with the topic owner or make any other comments, use the forum’s private messaging system.

– Avoid freeposting. Your posts should add meaningful content to the forum; new topics must incite some kind of discussion.
– Advertising is not permitted. Any advertising/linking to third party software such as other games/forums/chatrooms/services designed to draw users away from Plazma Burst websites is strictly prohibited.
– Before starting a new topic, please check to ensure an existing topic on the same subject does not exist. This helps to cut down on duplicates.
– Please use correct English, spelling, and grammar to the best of your ability. l33tsp33k and slang are unwelcome.
– Avoid 1-word posting.
– Ensure your titles are a simple summary of your topic and clearly indicate what is in the topic. Do not include links within your topic titles.

• Please avoid double posting, use the edit button if you need to add more information to your post.

The exceptions to this rule are as follows:
– Reserving a post after a tutorial or guide to add more information at a later date.
– Creating a second post to segregate a second linked topic in a tutorial or guide.
– Creating a second post to continue the original post after reaching the character limit.

• Do not bump your own topics to gain more attention.

– The forums automatically remove old, dead topics. You may post on any unlocked topic regardless of the date published.

• When posting, make sure the format used is readable.

– Don’t make your whole post at an oversized or undersized font size, or use overly dull or bright font colours.
– Avoid quoting unnecessarily large chunks of text, and do not quote images or videos from previous posts.

• The Report Button: The report button is to be used to notify forum staff of an issues with a post, should that be rule breaking or not. Report a post if you believe there is a legitimate problem, replying to a post playing as moderator does not help anyone, and counts as freeposting.

• Forum Sections: The forum is divided into multiple sections to aid organisation. Please make sure that when posting a new topic it is in the correct section. If you accidentally place your new topic in the wrong section, or don’t know where to create the topic, send a message about it to any member of the forum staff.

– Only post tutorials in the tutorials section. If you have questions, post elsewhere.
– Only post completed maps in the Custom Maps area. Ensure to include details such as map name, ID, and links.
– Do not play forum games in the Suggestions Area, or anywhere else on the forum.

• Your forum avatar must not contain prohibited, inappropriate, or offensive content.

– Avatar animations designed solely to irritate are prohibited. (EG, high intensity flashing colours)

• Your forum signature must not contain prohibited, inappropriate, or offensive content.

– Your forum signature must not be larger than three lines of standard size text, or an image no taller than 80px.
– URLs/Links/Smileys/Emoji are prohibited in signatures.

• Do not discuss prohibited, offensive, or inappropriate topics.

– Religious topics are prohibited.

• Please do not vandalise your own posts (or posts you have permission to edit), destructively edit previously legitimate posts, replace the legitimate text with spam, or remove the legitimate text of a post without deleting the post itself.