1. Game

• Respect all other players in-game.

• Any form of cheating, hacking, or abuse of the game physics will result in suspension from the game without warning.
This includes hacking of any type, score farming, or abusing a game glitch to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

– Any form of obtaining PP/Kills that gives a player or group of players an unfair advantage in-game is illegal.

• Farming Kills, Deaths, or Player Points is forbidden. Farming is the act of transferring PP or getting kills off another account that is controlled by you, either directly or through a friend.

• Do not start matches with inappropriate titles. Rude, obscene, offensive, or threatening titles are forbidden.

• Discussion of prohibited or inappropriate topics in-game is only permitted in fully private matches.

– Any discussion intended to harm other players or Plazma Burst 2 itself are outright prohibited in all matches.

• Respect other players’ playstyles. Camping in one spot, or spending the whole match spraying bullets is allowed.

• Do not troll, spam, or incite a flamewar (argument) in-game.

• The kick, ping limit, and Game-Master features must not be abused.

– Do not kick without a meaningful reason.
– Do not initiate a ping limit vote for the reason of excluding all match participants.