4. Site

• Please ensure any maps you create using the level editor do not contain any inappropriate content, and the ID, map name, and map description are suitable for this website.

• All map comments and ratings should be fair, whether 1* or 5*.
– Do not rate maps unfairly, for example rating without playing the map first, or voting only to lower a player’s LDR out of spite (rage-voting).
– Do not farm map rates by using alternative accounts.

• The Report button on player profiles is for marking a profile to the staff team as having broken PB2 rules. Please make sure that this is not abused, and keep reports short and sweet, with evidence if possible.

• Do not misuse any Plazma Burst 2 messaging system. Threatening behavior, spam, inappropriate topics, or unwanted messages will not be tolerated.

• All profile fields such as ‘location’ and ‘life slogan’ must be appropriate, and free from offensive langauge or rude comments.