7. Miscellaneous

• Plazma Burst 2 does not currently have a dedicated clans system; Plazma Burst 2 does not endorse or support any unofficial clans.

– Discussion of clans is permitted at any length besides discussion relating to named (or implied) individuals within the clan that violates Plazma Burst 2’s Code of Conduct (rules)
– No clan, group, or other unofficial third party will be given special treatment by staff members. Please do not ask for such.
– Pretending to be affiliated with Plazma Burst 2 (such as telling other players your third party clan is “official”) is prohibited.

• Purposefully causing pointless drama will also result in a suspension. It wastes the time of the staff, and achieves nothing.

• Cursing and Swearing:
– Cursing/Swearing is not prohibited, but we ask you to be mindful of your language.
– Do not curse/swear excessively.
– All cursing, swearing and threats that is directed towards another member of the community, or a group within the community, is outright banned.

• Loopholes:
– Finding and attempting to create or use loopholes in the rules will result in consequences.

• Reporting Others:
– If you are aware of rulebreaking, or encourage others to take part in it, you are responsible for the acts of the rulebreaker and may be banned.

• Rage Voting:

Rage voting is defined as voting a user’s maps down (1* or 2* votes) for the sole purpose of lowering the player’s LDR. Voting down numerous maps belonging to one player or a specific group of players’ maps over a short period shows clearly that the maps were not played.

Alternatively, voting nothing but 1* across random maps/a specific player’s maps is a clear indication of abuse of the rating system.

Making threats to vote a single map 1*, for the sole purpose of lowering LDR, then carrying out this threat, is also an offence.