6. Staff, Bans, and Warnings

• Site Staff are here to ensure the smooth running of the community and website.

• When being corrected by a member of staff, warned for a wrongdoing, or assisted in any matter, please refrain from arguing with them. You have the right to make a case for your actions in the event of an infraction, but discuss the matter politely and in a civil manner.

• If you are warned or banned for any reason on any part of the site, you have the right to contact site staff about the ban if you believe it was made in error, or that the punishment was unjustified.

• Attempts to evade a ban by any means will result in a new ban for twice the length of the original, starting from the day of evasion.
– If you resort to evasion to appeal a ban, the appeal will be denied. Email your appeals to plazmaburstbanappeals@gmail.com
– Evading any ban for any reason automatically gives up ownership of your account. Accounts used to evade bans may be permanently disabled by site staff.
– Allowing, helping, or enabling another player to evade a ban will result in an infraction, up to a ban of the same length as the banned player’s suspension.

• Your forum warnings are reduced by 1 every 90 days.

• Site staff are not required to give a warning before banning a rule-breaking user.
– For petty offences, or offences that are clearly mistakes, staff members will issue a warning or reminder.
– Some staff are more lenient than others, they are human; you will have no problems if no rules are broken.

• Resisting or ignoring warnings made by site staff will result in a suspension from the Plazma Burst 2 website should offensive or illegal behaviour continue.

• Mini-Modding/Backseating/Backseat Moderating is allowed if staff are away or offline, however reporting rulebreakers to staff with screenshots is always the best way to help out. If staff are active, please refrain from backseating.

• Site, chatroom, and forum bans may be appealed if it is believed the ban is in error or unwarranted. Please contact support@plazmaburst.freshdesk.com